Employment Opportunities

In most New England states the construction industry is thriving, and the demand for plumbers, pipefitters, sprinklerfitters, refrigeration fitters and technicians is high.  Skilled welders are especially needed!

Training and Licensing

What UA Members Do

UA members (plumbers, pipefitters, sprinklerfitters, refrigeration fitters, and service technicians) are involved in just about every aspect of construction involving piping from the space program to nuclear power houses to refineries to shipbuilding.

UA craftsmen work in commercial, industrial and residential arenas. They may be found on job sites involving single family homes, garden and high-rise apartment buildings, large and small office buildings, power plants, chemical installations and factories.
On any given day, there are UA members on huge industrial job sites constructing everything from a state-of-the-art steel mill, a high-tech computer chip facility, a biotechnology center, to a gas-fired power plant. But, that's not all...

At this very moment, there may also be UA members at work installing complicated medical gas piping in your local hospital or putting sprinkler systems in the hotel where you will take your family on vacation.

Other UA members are laying pipelines that stretch across the landscape to serve your community's energy needs. Still others are servicing plumbing, heating and cooling equipment in your home or workplace.

And, from a big industrial project to a routine service call, UA members bring precision and craftsmanship to every job they take on.
How to become a Plumber, Pipefitter, Sprinklerfitter, Refrigeration, Fitter, or Techician
If you are interested in, and think you qualify for training as a plumber, pipefitter, sprinklerfitter, refrigeration fitter or technician, you should apply directly to the United Association Apprenticeship Program in your area.

Most are 5-year programs of paid on-job training and classroom instruction related to work requirements. Apprentices are paid a percentage (usually starting at 50%) of the journeyman wage with increases usually at 6 month-1 year intervals.

Most programs require a high school diploma or GED and good physical condition.

And training does not end with completion of apprenticeship. UA members receive ongoing training in the latest technologies and processes throughout their careers.
Certification and Licensing

All New England United Association member locals promote ongoing training, upgrading, certification and licensing classes for their members. Certification opportunities are available in several welding processes, medical gas installation, refrigerant recovery, fire protection installation and other processes. Licensing varies by state.

To contact a local union in your area please refer to the Union Directory above.